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I created this model by mixing many different models from different sources. It took a long time to create the model, not being a professional, I did it by trial and error. I made the model for me and my friends and one day my friends told me to share my work on this site.

About the model.

This is a realistic model with a little touch of 3D from Pixar. It does quite well in a lot of different tasks, but it shows best in making images of people. Faces and bodies, including nudes, turn out very well from my point of view. I have used many different Lora’s to generate images with my model, almost never had a problem. I used the following settings to get the best results – Sampling steps – 25, CFG Scale – 5, Sampling method – Euler. I also highly recommend to use Hires fix with upscaler ESRGAN_4x (hires steps – 25, Denoising strength – 0.3).

Some of the original models had a clear NSFW bias, because of this you can suddenly get an image of naked characters. To avoid this, write “nsfw, nudity” into the negative prompt.

The newer the version of the model, the more realism there is in it.

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Base ModelSD 1.5
Model HashB58C7DCD55
Model Versionv82egVAEbaked
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