Arthemy Comics – SD 1.5 – v5.0 BakedVAE

– check the Stable Diffusion UI I’m working on right now and streamline your generations!

✦ Comics Arthemy – Quick Start ✦

1_____ I highly suggest to use these embeddings:

2_____Size: Around 640 x 768

3_____Prompt: Start from the prompt of the pictures I’ve uploaded and then customize the areas focused on Character, Setting, Emotions, Colors and Aesthetic.
(Ps: some repetitions in my prompts are wanted)

  • Quick Prompt:

    (artwork:1.2),(lineart:1.33),[CHARACTER | SETTING | EMOTIONS],(hyperdefined),(inked-art),[COLORS | AESTHETIC],complex lighting,(flat colors),ultradetailed,(fine-details:1.2),absurdres,(atmosphere)
  • Quick Negative Prompt:

    bad-hands-5, verybadimagenegative_v1.3,(sketch),lowres,(text,words:1.3),watermark,(simple background),glitch,(jpeg-artifact:1.2),compressed, jpeg

4_____Upscale: to get crisp results like the one shown in the pictures use HiResFix and Real-ESRGAN. I suggest to use this step only on the preferred pictures, since it’s quite heavy on the performance side.

I hope you like my merge and I can’t wait to see what you all are going to create with it!

For future update, about the AI Editor I’m building with an italian team and my models you can check:


Merged / subtracted / inspired by Models:

DarkArtsStyle –

DiffusionBrushEverything –

ForgottenMixtheNovelist –

Icantbelieveits –

icomix –

mcbsMachinecodesComics –

OccidentalMix V2.0 –

vividwatercolors –

westerncartoontypeA –

Babes –

Diffusion Brush Everything –

Cute Cartoon –

Western animation diffusion –

IdentityCrisis –

Vivid Watercolors –

Exquisite details极致华彩 –

SXZ Luma –
+ some of my old mix

Some of these models have been used for subtraction, but they all have been useful in order to create this model.

If you like Comics Vision, remember to check these other models and consider to
support their creators!

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Model Hash91D003EED7
Model Versionv5.0 BakedVAE
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