DevlishPhotoRealism SDXL – SDXL 1.0 – SDXL 1.4

My first attempt to create a photorealistic SDXL-Model.
I hope, you like it.
I merged it on base of the default SD-XL model with several different models. (Around 40 merges)
SD-XL VAE is embedded.
I strongly recommend ADetailer.

You should set “CFG Scale” to something around 4-5 to get the most realistic results.

v1.2 is an updated version with some added elements with a slight tendency to be a miss of the dark. 😊

v1.3 has new improved details, better nsfw results, I also refined the output for better photo realism, the missus is still here 😉

v1.4 has better results for NSFW images, I also refined some details, less missus but improvements in base model 😊

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Base ModelSDXL 1.0
Model Hash9BE563DDCE
Model VersionSDXL 1.4
Trained Words