Fenn Photo – SD 1.5 – v1.0

All examples created with ZERO additional resources.
Not a single Lora, no negative embeddings, nothing.
This is to demonstrate how far you can get without those resources. However it works VERY WELL with those resources and I’ll post some examples in the gallery below later.

That said, most of my testing is without any resources so that I could ensure it was accessible for everyone, but I cant wait to see what everyone else makes with this and

Sure, there’s a TON of merges out there, what makes mine different?
I’ve been working on this all year, and have only merged original trained datasets.
This isn’t another ‘Deliberate+Dreamshaper’ merge.

I’ve looked for every piece of garbage unique dataset I could find.
On here, HuggingFace, etc. and merged them endlessly until I arrived here. If someone else said it was trash and the outputs were horrible, I merged it. There’s easily hundreds of datasets involved in the creation of this, each bringing a unique element into the fold.

I’m pressed for time at the moment so I can’t write a full book about this, if you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll answer whatever I can. If you question is “whats in this merge?” I absolutely don’t have a complete list and won’t be able to give any kind of satisfactory answer for that. Sorry, I’ve got ADHD and suck at taking notes.

1 – Rethink how you prompt. Sure, all those ‘masterpiece, best quality‘ prompts work, but you don’t always need them. I’m looking at you, guy who still puts ‘vagina in armpit’ in their negative prompts.
Overloading your positive and negative prompts with meaningless quality words isn’t going to do much in most cases and frequently reduces your level of control over the whole image.

Start small, and do some testing to see what I mean. Add words one at a time if you think it’ll help and see what you get with and without them. Sometimes they make a great difference, often they make things look less realistic for some reason. Especially words like ‘Realism’ which are traditionally to describe types of painting and other traditional art forms.

2 – ALL of my images were generated using Draw Things on MacOS. It has a few seed modes built in, I typically use the Legacy mode so my end resulting image will likely be different if you’re using A1111 or anything other than DT. You’ll still get GOOD results, just not the exact image as my seeds.

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Base ModelSD 1.5
Model HashF6E523DE7E
Model Versionv1.0
Trained Words
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