Luna Mia – SDXL 1.0 – v5.0BakedVAE_AutomaticFIX


Blue dots/orbs gone


added Better than words, PEAE-xl, Samaritan 3d Cartoon


More focus on photorealism.

Don’t judge by examples. None of them are ordinary photo.


  • Better photorealism

  • Stable


Quite a controversial version. It has many pros and cons. Gives the best results with authors and styles. It copes better with complex compositions. Improved drawing of small faces. Standard photorealism is not particularly good. Not as stable as previous versions. Needs improvements.

Two new models have been added to the merging pool: Azure Wutong_XL and Endless coating v1.0


  • Much more artistic

  • Less distortion and noise

  • More beautiful faces and nudity

  • The size of the breast is less dependent on the constitution of the body

This model specializes in turning your artistic and other fantasies into reality. Depending on the mood, these can be full body/half body/group portraits in a wide variety of poses and compositions and in a wide variety of styles from photorealism to anime or whatever you want. The model is completely uncensored, but adequate, and you won’t see nudity unless you ask for it or put the personage in a scenario that is conducive to this.

I am an Easy Diffusion user and for my previous merge I did separate examples on Automatic1111, but this time I’ll not do this because they finally updated diffusers and now both of them give very similar results and the need to write separate prompts for each of them temporarily disappeared.

  • SDXL VAE !!!

  • no refiner

  • I prefer DDIM sampler, but you can use anything you like.

  • 7 GFG

  • 35 steps (75+ for complicated scenes)

My negative:

Monochromatic, blurry and fuzzy, chaos, compositional disorganisation, simple perspective, collage, distorted or deformed, (phantom limbs)+, bad anatomy, perfect skin+, cartoon rendering 3d doll, (additional limbs)+, (deformed or partially rendered face, deformed or partially rendered eyes, deformed or partially rendered hand gestures)+, broken or deformed geometry, cropped text watermark signature logo copyright artifacts noise, low resolution, partially rendered objects, deformed eyeballs

List of models participated in this merge:

  • Sole Mio

  • Explicit Freedom – NSFW Waifu

  • SDXL InkPunkStyle

  • SDXL FaeTastic

  • WaifuGenieSDXL v1.0

  • Azure Wutong_XL (V3.0-V3.1)

  • Endless coating v1.0 (V3.0-V3.1)

  • Better than words (V5.0)

  • PEAE-xl (v5.0)

  • Samaritan 3d Cartoon (v.5.0)

  • personal non-shared checkpoints

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