MooMooFeminism – SD 1.5 – v4.0 Female

In order to provide you with better Asian male and female models, I decided to officially split MooMooFusion into a Male version and a Female version in Version 4, so that I would have fewer technical problems to overcome.

And MooMooFusion become MooMooFeminism!

I’ll also be releasing Prune versions of each version as soon as the models are stabilized!

After that, MooMooFusion will mainly focus on updating females, while males will be integrated into another version of “MooMooBoyslism” that I started earlier.


About MooMooFusion – Male version

About MooMooFusion focuses on making the Asian population’s body type and physique more realistically redrawn from Stable Diffusion. For those of us who like the Asian physique, this checkpoint model is more like a restoration of the Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese, and we don’t like to make ourselves look too big, or too skinny, of course.

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MoMoFusion V4 and V4 Prune version

At the same time MooMooFusion updated to Version4 after the character features Prompt more sensitive, such as male hair style you can try to see the following phrases.

Medium Length Haircut,Slicked Back Haircut,Side Part Haircut,Buzz Cut Haircut,Pompadour Haircut,Crop Top Haircut,Undercut Haircut,Afro Haircut. Long Haircut,Curly Haircut,Comb Over Haircut,Quiff Haircut,Messy Haircut,Short Haircut,High Fade Haircut,Shaved Haircut,Tapered Haircut,Man Bun Haircut,Fringe Haircut,Layered Haircut,Disconnected Haircut,Taper Fade Haircut.

About MooMooFusion – FeMmle version

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Women’s hairstyles can try to see the following phrases.

Bob Cut,black long straight,Long curly hair,floating hair,messy hair,layered hair,half-Up Hair,high ponytail,low ponytail,asymmetrical Haircut updo,punk head,hair wings,twin tails,hair bun,drill hair,double bun,Ponytail with Bangs,slicked Back hair,undercut with Tattoos,,and so forth.

For additional women you can add: “earrings, random color nail polish, makeup, eyeliner, eyelashes, (random color lips)”.

Let women have basic makeup.

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