Realism from HaDeS – SD 1.5 – v6.1 HQ

Release 6.1 HQ

Following the evolution of Realism from HaDeS, the logical step was to touch hyperrealism, and the result of this update suggests great potential for the future. Also, if this checkpoint continues to receive love in the form of positive feedback, there will soon be a SDXL version.


1. turn off face restoration

2. write your best prompts, it doesn’t matter if they are simple phrases or elaborate prompts, this update makes everything much simpler, and practically everything will give you good results.

3. Any recommendation? Well, I think that to get the best out of a checkpoint, each person must use their own tricks, but if you don’t know where to start you can take a look at the prompts in my sample images if they help you. Feel free to use and modify them as you wish.

4. I hope you enjoy this release and share your creations. Give it a like if you have fun creating images with it and see you soon

Release 5.0

After the 4.5 ReDuX, here comes the 5.0. This release is more refined and precise and if the 4.5 was easy to use, this one is even more so. Write prompts naturally and you will achieve great results.

Update 4.5 ReDuX

This update changes the rules of the game. Write a prompt with a simple or complex description without separations or commas. The model has been refined to the point of being very flexible in all (or almost all) styles. I hope you share all your creations so we can continue improving the model.

Release 1.0

The main idea was to mix to get a model to be able to try and dress all my LoRa. As for that, I think the result is more than satisfactory.

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Base ModelSD 1.5
Model Hash751CCA3335
Model Versionv6.1 HQ
Trained Words
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