XeroxRealMix – SD 1.5 – v4.0

My harddisk was broken, so my works all disappear,

this is why my model update stopped.

update notes for v4.0

  1. Increase the rate of prompt application.

  2. Fixing Distortion in the Detailed Description.

  3. A clearer image than before version.

sample prompt

positive –

RAW, 1girl, colorful, (masterpiece, best quality), (ulzzang-6500-v1.1:0.4), (pureerosface_v1:1.1), <lora:koreanDollLikeness:0.4>,

cowboy shot, (detailed skin:1.3, detailed face:1.3),

dslr, realistic, waving, looking at viewer, sharp focus, delicate,

(korean beauty, korean mixed:1.2), (Glossy skin + Shiny skin:1.4), (sweaty:1.1),

(big breasts:1.2, thick thighs:1.1, narrow :1.1),

(black_hair, long hair, straight hair:1.3), (big_eyes, brown_eyes), red_eyeshadow, long_eyelashes, red lips, eyes_smile, stud earrings, (holographic iridescent metallic black latex swimsuit:1.4),

beach, day, (sunlight_on_front_face:1.3),

negative –

(worst quality:1.4, low quality:1.4), (normal_quiality:1.4), (loli, child, infant, baby:1.3), ((muscular)), (mouth mask:1.3), wrong_face, topless, bottomless, facepaint, mouth mask, sunglasses, glasses, hat, tattoo, extra arms, extra digits, multiple girls, multiple views, indoors, (shadow:1.5),

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Base ModelSD 1.5
Model Hash9323844846
Model Versionv4.0
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