ZavyChromaXL – SDXL 1.0 – v2.1

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A model line that should be a continuance of the ZavyMix SD1.5 model for SDXL. The primary focus is to get a similar feeling in style and uniqueness that model had, where it’s good at merging magic with realism, really merging them together seamlessly. Of course with the evolution to SDXL this model should have better quality and coherance for a lot of things, including the eyes and teeth than the SD1.5 models. This model has no need to use the refiner for great results, in fact it usually is preferable to not use the refiner. Recommended to use ultimate SD upscaler to get the most amazing results.

Continue reading for more information and some tips and tricks.

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Pros and cons


  • Much better saturation than base model.
  • Much better teeth, eyes, hands and feet.
  • Increased realism.
  • Less blurry edges but still keeps a certain pleasing softness to the image.
  • Better looking people.
  • Great texture and tonality.


  • NSFW much better than base, but still somewhat lacking without LORAs.


  1. Training the SDXL model continuously.
  2. Pioneering uncharted LORA subjects (withholding specifics to prevent preemption).


  • To better understand the preferences of the model, individuals are encouraged to utilise the provided prompts as a foundation and then customise, modify, or expand upon them according to their desired objectives.
  • Ditch the refiner, an img2img ultimate SD upscaler gets better results when you select this model for it.
  • Consider using face restoration techniques when the result for the face is subpar, but the rest of the image is interesting.
  • If you find that the details in your work are lacking, consider using wowifier if you’re unable to fix it with prompt alone. wowifier or similar tools can enhance and enrich the level of detail, resulting in a more compelling output.
  • ComfyUI is the UI I use for my SDXL images.
  • Your 1.5 LORAs won’t work in SDXL.
  • Consider finding new prompts, don’t use the standard 1.5 ones. SDXL likes a combination of a natural sentence with some keywords added behind.
  • To maintain optimal results and avoid excessive duplication of subjects, limit the generated image size to a maximum of 1024×1024 pixels or 640×1536 (or vice versa). If you require higher resolutions, it is recommended to utilise the Hires fix, followed by the img2img upscale technique, with particular emphasis on the controlnet tile upscale method. This approach will help you achieve superior results when aiming for higher resolution outputs. However, as this workflow doesn’t work with SDXL yet, you may want to use an SD1.5 model for the img2img step.

Prompts and TI

Recommended positive prompts: photorealistic, Fujifilm XT3, or other photography related tokens.

Recommended negative prompts: low quality, worst quality, lowres, monochrome, and all the anatomy related tokens you can think of.

You are further encouraged to include additional specific details regarding the desired output. This should involve specifying the preferred style, camera angle, lighting techniques, poses, color schemes, and other relevant factors.

Recommended settings

  • sdxl_vae.safetensors.
  • DPM++ 3M SDE Exponential, DPM++ 2M SDE Karras, DPM++ 2M Karras, Euler A
  • Steps 20~40 (lower range for DPM, higher range for Euler).
  • Hires upscaler: UltraMix_Balanced.
  • Hires upscale: Whatever maximum your GPU is capable of, but preferably between 1.5x~2x.
  • CFG scale 4-14

Model recipe

Trained from SDXL 1.0.

Social media

You are welcome to join my recently created Discord server, where we can engage in discussions, share our experiences in AI, and showcase the things we’ve made with AI. You are encouraged to join and ask any questions or seek additional tips and tricks related to my models or AI in general. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore, I will be releasing early testing versions of my models on Discord. If you are interested in being among the first to try them out, I invite you to join the Discord server.

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Base ModelSDXL 1.0
Model HashD2B9E5240C
Model Versionv2.1
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