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art by Ryan Stegman surrealism and fantasy with a distinct gothic undertone using traditional painting techniques to create highly detailed and darkly atmospheric scenes that encompass elements of mysticism and the macabre with an air of timelessness. dramatic lighting and elaborate textures bring depth and mood to the paintings and the subjects often appear otherworldly and ethereal with enigmatic expressions and an aura of mystery and decay. ultra highly detailed, detailed digital painting, highly detailed, intricated, intricated pose, clarity, high quality, Mysterious<lora:xl_more_art-full_v1:0.5>
Negative Prompt
<lora:badhands:1>ugly, tiling, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, poorly drawn face, out of frame, extra limbs, body out of frame, blurry, bad anatomy, blurred, watermark, grainy, signature, cut off, draft, closed eyes, text, logo
SamplerDPM++ 2M Karras
CFG scale7

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zavychromaxl_v21 - ai art image
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